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System Components – Front & Back

Skydive Seven Algarve Portugal

Equipment Harness/Container System The harness contains two sections, one holding your reserve parachute, and one holding your main parachute. At the bottom of the harness is a small pouch (called a BOC, or Bottom of Container) which holds your pilot chute. Your pilot chute is like a small parachute enclosed at the bottom with mesh. […]


Ryanair, has been investing heavily in Portugal in the last decade. Recently, the country has enjoyed a tourist boom in the last five years, having witnessed a huge increase in the number of tourists. It is precisely to follow this tourist trend and to reinforce Portugal’s privileged status on the airline’s routes that Ryanair will […]

Skydive Canopy Course with Joern Neefe

skydive seven canopy course algarve

Skydive Canopy Course with Joern Neefe A-Licence qualification (CH1), and B-Licence qualification (CH2). Parachute Landing Area Assessing Where You Land Set Ups and How to Use them Landing Problems Landing Direction Increasing the range of the canopy using risers Using a rear riser as an avoidance manoeuvre Wind assessment in other directions Landing Patterns Turbulence […]

Jump Tickets from 15,000ft at Skydive Seven Algarve

Jump Tickets Price Skydive Seven Algarve

Did you know our prices from 15,000ft at Algarve Skydive Seven Dropzone (Portimão Airfield)? Check our jump tickets price. This is a price for experienced skydivers around the world. If you are looking for information or have questions on Tandem Skydiving please contact us or go to our Online Booking System. Want to skydive, but […]