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Tandem Skydive EXPERIENCES

10K Algarve Tandem Skydive

20 Freefall Seconds*
w/ a Freefall Certificate


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15K Algarve Tandem Skydive

70 Freefall Seconds*
w/ a Freefall Certificate 


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What is a Tandem Skydive?

If you are looking at discovering the fascination of freefall without having any previous experience, the tandem skydive is a great choice for you. It is designed to allow you to experience freefall skydiving without an intensive course.
After 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a parachute jump with your tandem skydive instructor. You will experience terminal velocity at around 135 mph on your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from 15,000 feet. Book today and #EnjoyTheSky

Why a Tandem Skydive in Algarve Coast?

Tandem skydiving is our most popular option for first time jumpers. Tandem skydiving is a fast and easy way to experience the wonderful world of skydiving with only minimal training required. 

If you’re a first-time skydiver, there’s no reason to be intimidated. We understand that your first jump can be a nerve-recking experience. Our focus is to ensure you have a great experience in a relaxed and fun environment.

With a Professional!

You’ll be securely attached to your expert instructor the whole time, so you can relax and enjoy the experience! 

Sounds amazing right? Stop waiting and book your tandem skydive online today!

Online Booking

The best algarve price

Tandem Skydiving from 15,000 feet, the highest exit altitude in Europe. This allows you a longer freefall, better experience – get rush! Do you want more reasons? Read why you should choose Skydive Seven in the customers reviews at Trip Advisor. We have the best rating in Portugal.

Free Pick Up and Drop Service from ALVOR & PORTIMÃO CITY. More info >>

Winter Discount Tandem Skydive 15,000ft
Skydiving Tandem Jump
More 70 seconds of freefal?
Videos & Photos as Option?
Panoramic Costal View
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Tandem Skydiving Group Prices

Winter Discount Tandem Skydive 15,000ft
FAMILY PACK 3 to 7 persons
From 15.000ft !
More than 70 seconds of freefall?
Parachute flight over Algarve
Videos & Photos Package as Option?
Panoramic Coast View
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Winter Discount Tandem Skydive 15,000ftTandem Skydive 15,000ft
GROUP PACK 7 or more persons
From 15.000ft !
More than 70 seconds of freefall
Parachute flight over Algarve
Videos & Photos Package as Option?
Panoramic Coast View
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Video and Photos

Full HD Videos and 500 Photos

Video or photo
6-8 Minutes Edited Video
+400 Photos
High Quality Video OR Photos
Capture your entire experience from your Tandem Instructor’s. All professionally edited. GoPros are wrist mounted during the skydive. A collection of photos from your entire skydive experience, edited and ready to show off your experience!
External + Handycam
Everything in the Advanced Video Package Plus External Angle Cameraflyer!
HD Premium Edition?
+600 Photos?
TShirt Gift SK7
Sunglasses Gift SK7

Get every video and photo angle covered and miss nothing! This includes everything in the Advanced Video Package, plus our own cameraflyer videographer.

We are the only in Algarve with the Deluxe Video Package.

VIDEO and Photos
Our Most Popular Package
6-8 Minutes Edited Video
+400 Photos

Don’t want to decide between photos or video? Get both in our most popular and best value media package. For only €30 extra from Base Package

YOUR Skydiving Algarve Journey?
  • You must arrive at the airfield 30 minutes before the scheduled time, see your booking email.
  • Bring your personal documentation to complete your paperwork.
  • Pay any outstanding balance.
  • In this airfield we have entries control: You will need to show photo ID. Please ensure any friends and family also have this with them.
  • Receive your skydive briefing, an instructor will introduce the Skydiving Center and make a safety briefing.
  • Ready to jump, climb by plane to the exit altitude, +- 20 minutes ride.
  • Connected to your instructor, the door will open … this is the moment!
  • Time to smile, your are in freefall.
  • At 5000ft the parachute will open, time to relax and enjoy the sea view.
  • Land and share the moment with your friends!