9 Accelerated Freefall Course Jumps in Total

1 AFF Tandem Skydive
8 AFF Training Jumps
Full Equipment Rent
One-a-One Training
8 hours of Ground School
All videos from the AFF Course
All jumps from 15,000ft

Skydive Logbook
Sport International Insurance


The Accelerated Freefall Course (commonly referred to as AFF) is a method of skydiving training. It enables you learn to fly your body in freefall maintaining stability and control, maintain the height awareness to open your parachute at the correct altitude, and fly and land your parachute safely and accurately. AFF has largely replaced the old static line method of training whereby the student exits the plane at a low altitude, and has a line connected to the plane open their parachute for them.


During this course the student will receive all the required information in order to perform a successful jump. All the instruction and training of this course was designed in a way that the student reaches 3 basic goals:

  • Perform freefall and controlled openings;
  • Control the descent under a canopy;
  • Land smoothly within a pre planned area.


  • Introduction to the Sport
  • Aircraft Procedures
  • The Skydive Equipment
  • Body Stability in Freefall
  • The Golden rules of Skydiving
  • Deployment Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Canopy Procedures
  • Landing Pattern 9
  • Stage one (Tandem AFF)
  • Stage one (Solo Jumps)
  • Exiting the Aircraft
  • Canopy Flight
  • Malfunctions
  • Priorities of Every Skydive


We advise you to give yourself a minimum of 6 days to complete the AFF course. After the full day classroom of AFF theory, you can typically complete the course in just a few days carrying out around 2-3 skydives daily. The AFF training is personalised and our instructors will take the progression decisions.


  • Skydive Seven have the highest standards in skydive safety;
  • Our airfield location, Algarve. Portimão at sea level, here you can get the maximum altitude;
  • Professional instructors that ensuring you the most safety and fun experience ;
  • We always skydives are from 15,000ft, giving you an extra time in freefall;
  • The view, the bars, the beach, the hotels…

When can I start the course?

We do the Accelerated Freefall Course whenever you want. We have professional team always available. Skydive Seven is open every day, just contact us. You should make the appointment a few days in advance, there are some formal procedures to deal with, such as: Accommodation; Sports Medical Exam; Mandatory Sport Insurance in the Portuguese Parachuting Federation, etc.

cursos de paraquedismo certificados pela FPPq e USPA

Todos os alunos recebem uma licença de saltos, que permite evoluir e saltar em qualquer zona do mundo!

I have 16 years old, can I do the AFF?

Yes you can, the minimum age is 16y. You just need to fill the form for Parental Authorization for Minors. Ask us!

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