Tandem Skydiving Algarve 10,000 ft


Tandem Skydiving 10k

Algarve 10,000ft – Skydive Seven

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Tandem Skydiving Algarve 10,000ft – Best Holidays Experience

  • Tandem Skydiving Algarve
  • 10,000 feet Skydiving Altitude
  • 15-20 seconds of free fall
  • Plane flight over Algarve most beautiful beaches
  • Parachute flight over Alvor/Portimão
  • Video / Photos (As extra option)

Tandem Skydive Algarve Experience

Our most popular jump and an ideal first jump or one-off experience day out. This unique experience allows you to have all the exciting of Tandem Skydiving 10k. 

After the parachute opening the adventure continues through the skies of Algarve for another 7 min. Don’t forget to check our videos and photos services for Tandem Skydiving Algarve.

First Skydive Video and Photos?

We capture your skydiving experience and you can share with your friends and family afterwards! If you have additional questions about tandem skydiving, please contact us – we’d love to speak with you! If you need support, just make your questions to our skydive support team  +351 937 137 137.

What is a Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is when a first time passenger is harnessed to a licensed, tandem instructor. No experience is needed for people who want to try first time tandem skydiving. Read our step-by-step process for going on your first skydive!

Tandem Skydiving Algarve Price?


Skydive Seven Algarve Tandem Skydiving 10000ft 10k Price


10K Tandem Skydive


20 Freefall Seconds*
w/ a Freefall Certificate

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Skydive Seven Algarve Tandem Skydiving 12000ft 12k Price


12K Tandem Skydive


50 Freefall Seconds*
w/ a Freefall Certificate

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Skydive Seven Algarve Tandem Skydiving 15000ft 15k Price


15K Tandem Skydive


70 Freefall Seconds*
w/ a Freefall Certificate

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Our Tandem Skydive price based upon the quality and maintenance of the skydiving aircraft and gear, the altitude skydivers jump from and the experience level of the skydiving instructors.

Though Skydive Seven: Algarve is not the least expensive skydiving operation, we make it our priority to deliver the best experience possible and give our guests the best value for their money. We observe all safety guidelines and only hire the most professional instructors in the industry to give our guests a world-class skydiving experience.