Today is… Chocolate Cake Day

skydive seven Chocolate Cake Day

All you need is love, no! Chocolate Cake

Today was the special day to join our Skydive Seven Team and celebrate with us the Chocolate Cake Day. And we love that! Sorry, we already eat all the cake – it was delicious!

History of Chocolate Cake Day

Chocolate cake has been with us just over 150 years, having first come on the scene in 1764, when it was discovered that grinding cocoa beans between heavy stones produced cocoa powder, which could then become chocolate. 60 years would pass before Conrad Van Houten discovered a method by which he could mechanically extract fat from the cacao liquor which produced cacao butter. Long story short, this man is the reason that chocolate is actually affordable, and we all have him to thank for it!

From this point forward the types of cake and techniques involved in making them just kept expanding, so there are dozens of kinds of cake on top of the original ‘traditional’ chocolate cake. From the Black Forest cake with its cherries to the German Chocolate Cake with its rich coconut pecan frosting, new types are being invented all the time, and chocolate still reigns as King.

How to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day

The way to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day is deliciously simple and perfect. Throughout your day, incorporate as many types of chocolate cake as you can! Take chocolate cake batter and use it to make chocolate pancakes in the morning, topped with caramel syrup and whipped cream. Use the rest of the batter to produce chocolate cupcakes, placing a strawberry in the center of each one and take them to work to share with your workmates.

Then when you get home, go ahead and go all out and serve yourself up a big old slice of chocolate cake for dessert, and then eat it first. After all, when it comes to dessert you really shouldn’t wait, who knows what could happen during dinner! Chocolate Cake Day is all about this delicious treat, so don’t make yourself shirk one opportunity to wrap your lips around another delectable bite of this cocoa rich concoctions!

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